Resources and materials for ESL Kids teachers

2.Download ESL kids songs to use in your lessons

Songs for kids learning EnglishWe have 50 downloadable songs which we have made specially for children learning English. All of our songs are free for our members to download and use in their lessons. Each song comes in two versions: one with vocals and the other without (a "karaoke" version). In addition, all songs come with lesson plans, teaching tips, song posters and word sheets, as well as worksheets and flashcards.

For more information and song samples, please check out our songs page here.

3.Classroom Readers

Classroom Readers for kids learning EnglishOur classroom readers are made specially for children learning English. The readers are beautifully illustrated and with funny and exciting stories. The readers are split into different levels and are easy to construct into a book that you can use in your classroom lessons.

For more information and reader samples, check out our readers page here.

4.Only US$34 for 1 year!

or just $29 yearly with a 2-year membership or even just $26 yearly with a 3-year membership! Buying printed flashcards and worksheet books in bookstores is extremely expensive. You can save a fortune with our quality materials.

US$34 is approx. 31 euros, JP¥6,700, GB£28, CAN$45. All currencies are accepted.

5.Printable Lesson Plans with materials

Printable Lesson Plans with materialsOur printable lesson plans cover a variety of themes to help your students have a fun time learning English.

Each lesson comes with lesson materials such as flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets, downloadable songs and readers.

6.Free app for your phone or tablet

flashcards appAll members get access to our free ESL teacher's app. Just download the app to your phone or tablet and enter your login details. You will then have over 1,500 flashcards, 50 songs, lots of song and story videos and all of our lesson plans right on your phone - quick, easy and convenient!

More details here.

7.Quick and easy to find and print materials

Quick and easy to find and print materialsFinding and printing off flashcards, worksheets and craft sheets is quick and easy. We are teachers too, so we know how busy you are.

You’ll have all your lesson materials ready in no time!

8.Quality materials made specifically for teaching ESL Kids

Quality materials made specifically for teaching ESL KidsAll materials are specifically made to engage, stimulate and excite kids learning English.

The materials are tailor made by our artists and teachers and we test our materials in ESL kids classes.

9.American English & British English materials

American English & British English materialsAll of our flashcards, worksheets and crafts are primary written in American English, but we have produced British English versions for any that are required.

10.More new teaching resources on the way

New teaching resourcesWe have a lot of new materials in the pipeline! As well as more flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets, songs and readers we are also working on other resources which as a member you will have free access to.

Find out more in our What’s New? section.

Actually, since writing the top 10 reasons, we've thought of some more!

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