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Thanksgiving Lesson Plan:

Free ESL KidStuff Thanksgiving Lesson plan: Check out our wonderful Thanksgiving lesson plan which is tailor-made to use in your kids ESL classroom. The lesson plan includes downloadable worksheets, song and a classroom reader.

Thanksgiving Games & Activities:

Cranberry Spoon Race. Use real cranberries in a relay race game. If any cranberries fall off the spoon during the race the runner must start again. (TP: V: cranberry, spoon).

Thanksgiving Dinner Game. Players sit in a circle. The first player starts by saying, "At Thanksgiving dinner I like to eat turkey". The next player must repeat "At Thanksgiving dinner I like to eat turkey..." and add another dish. This continues all the way around the circle with each student reciting the dishes in the exact order they have been given and then adding a new one. If a student makes a mistake they slide out of the circle and the game continues. The person left who can perfectly recite the Thanksgiving menu wins. (TP: V: various Thanksgiving dishes).

ESL Kids Thanksgiving Flashcards

ESL Kids Thanksgiving Flashcards

Thanksgiving Flashcards

In the Member's section there are 10 Thanksgiving flashcards.
Take a look here.
Flashcards include: turkey, roast turkey, cranberry sauce, watch football, gravy, and many more!

Thanksgiving Word Find. Take a Thanksgiving related word such as: Thanksgiving, Mayflower, Cornucopia, etc. and find as many little words as possible within before the timer runs out.
Example: Cornucopia Words: corn, pin, no, arc, car, nip, cop, cup, on, or, rap...
Example: Mayflower Words: May, flower, flow, flare, lay, low, fear, ear, owe, fly, rye, wear, row...
(TP: F: spelling).

Turkey Hunt. Hide a stuffed animal somewhere in the room. If you don't have a Turkey, dress up a stuffed bear or dog to look like a turkey. Have the children search for the turkey. Whoever finds it gets to hide it the next time. (TP: none).

Turkey Toss Game. Take a large brown grocery bag and glue 2 small lunch bags (gathered at the tops) to the sides of the bag to look like drumsticks. Then take turns throwing in the stuffing (sock balls or bean bags). (TP: none).

Thanksgiving Worksheets

Thanksgiving Worksheets

Thanksgiving Worksheets

In the Member's section there are 6 Thanksgiving themed worksheets.
Take a look here.
Worksheets include: coloring pages, quizzes, word searches, bingo game sheets, mazes and much more!

Turkey Strut. Use pieces of masking tape to make turkey footprints all over the floor. Start playing some music. let the children pretend to be turkeys and strut around the room. When you stop the music, have the turkeys find footprints to stand on (one turkey to a footprint). When you start the music again, have the turkeys continue strutting around the room (TP: none).

Turkey Walk. Play music of your choice and encourage the children to move like: BIG turkeys, little turkeys, tired turkeys, happy turkeys, scared turkeys, etc. (TP: V: turkey, big, little, tired, happy, scared. F: Using adjectives to describe an animal and feelings. AA: Have the students shout out the adjectives. You can also use adverbs, e.g. "Walk quickly/slowly".).

Thanksgiving Links:

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