Try these Christmas activities in your English class

One thing that can be very motivating in class is to use seasonal activities and lesson plans. Christmas is coming! And with it a perfect occasion to teach new vocabulary and expressions and to improve your student’s speaking.

Here I show you my student’s favourite Christmas activities, they are easy to use and to adapt to your own ESL class:

Lesson plan about Christmas in the UK

The best thing about this one is that you don’t need to gather any material, it’s all there ready to use. This lesson plan is for B1-B2 level students. It has many interesting questions to promote speaking. It also contains a very entertaining video activity with questions about Christmas in the UK, a writing activity and fill the gaps exercise. Your Christmas lesson is covered!

Christmas Lesson Plan B1_B2 ✨ ✨

Christmas Riddles

Why didn’t the stocking want to eat Christmas dinner?

Using riddles in English class is a great way to keep attention and interest, encourage speaking and expand vocabulary.

You can either use them in one to one classes or in a group. Here are a few of them.

christmas riddles ESL class

Christmas songs for your ESL class

I’m sure you know the benefits of learning English with songs. The vocabulary sticks better! Luckily we have a repertoire of super catchy and modern songs to work with in class.

In this activity you have a video with the song and a fill the gaps activity.

Do your students have a different taste or do they not like Christmas? Great! because there are a lot of alternative songs that you can also use in English class.

Christmas ads

Christmas ads compete every year for excellence! Take the opportunity to bring up interesting topics of conversation with your more advanced students. Also they are memorable and fun.

Here is a video with questions and topics to talk about.

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