Main Learning Objective of the activity: Practise answers and questions and the second conditional

Level: B1-B2

Duration of the activity: 10 minutes

How to do it:

First teach “would you rather” “I’d rather… and “I would prefer to” “Would you prefer to”

Then you can start the game. You can make up your own questions. The game usually consists of asking difficult questions in which both options are not desirable / desirable.

Variation for higher levels:

If you want to turn up the heat make sure your student uses the second conditional.

I would rather eat cold coffee than tea because if you made me drink cold tea, I would be sick!

So it’s “I would rather X than Y because + second conditional”

Here some questions to play:

  1. Would you rather be able to see 15 minutes into the future or 15 years into the future?
  2. Between the two superpowers, would you rather have telekinesis (move things with your mind) or telepathy (read minds)?
  3. Would you rather fight Batman or Spiderman?
  4. Would you rather sing or dance to every song you hear? (every song, forever)
  5. Would you rather find true love today or win the lottery next year?
  6. Would you rather have a beard on one side of your face (the whole face) or on your forehead?
  7. Would you rather buy 3 things you don’t need every time you go shopping or always forget 3 things?
  8. Would you rather never be able to go out during the day or never be able to go out at night?
  9. Would you rather have a personal assistant or an in-house chef?
  10. Would you rather be quite rich but often disliked or quite poor but widely loved?
  11. Would you rather be 8 feet tall or 4 feet tall?

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