About Us

We are two teachers on a mission to offer high quality lesson plans to every teacher we can.

Who We Are

We are Irene and Casey, two teachers who love to plan lessons. That’s why we are making great ESL lesson plans.

We both live and work in Madrid and spend a lot of our time outside getting big lungfuls of nature.

If you want to get to know more about us, our lesson plans or if you would like to create some with us, please get in touch.

Why Choose Us

We offer high quality ESL lesson plans that will teach your students everything they need to know in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.
We save you time and we give you only the best. 

Custom lesson plans

We offer custom made lesson plans to help students reach their goals.

Trusted by 100s of teachers

Teachers know that we provide quality lesson plans for their students.

Profesional production

We are teaching professionals creating profesional content for other, like-minded professionals.